Publishing Policy

"DARYAFT" is using the Open Journal System (OJS) for paper submission and review process in all research journals. All authors, reviewers and members of the Editorial Committee will have to register on "DARYAFT"-OJS after accepting terms and conditions in declaration. Transparency of research papers will be ensured through blind peer-review by the Journals’ Editorial Committee. The stepwise publication process is given below in detail.

1. Call for research papers with deadline shall be published on Journal as well on "DARYAFT"’s web site and its social media platforms for each issue of the journal. The journals will receive papers electronically using OJS.

2. Editorial committee will carry out initial screening through a desk review to accept or reject the submitted paper in accordance with the guidelines of each journal. Moreover, a detailed peer review policy has been mentioned under section 3.5

3. Each journal should have at least 05 articles in each issue. However, an effort should be made to include 07-10 articles for each journal issue.

4. The immediate family (parents, spouse, siblings, children) of the editorial team will be allowed to publish no more than one paper in three consecutive issues.

5. The researchers outside NUML are only eligible to apply for publication in journals as no self-institutional publication is allowed under HEC policy.

6. All efforts should be made to invite and publish international authors. All journals should target at least 1/4rth of the published articles should have international authorship as per HEC policy