Pakistani Urdu Short Story and Search for National Identity

پاکستانی اردو افسانہ اور قومی تشخص و شناخت کی تلاش


  • Dr. Zeenat Afshan Assistant Professor, Urdu Department, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology, Islamabad



urdu fiction, short story, national identity, political, heritage, challenges, religious diversity


This study delves into the rich assortments of Pakistani Urdu short stories to disentangle the aspects that weave the narrative of national identity. By cultural diversity, historical complexities, and socio-political challenges, Urdu literature serves as a powerful medium for authors to articulate and question the concept of national identity. Through a comprehensive analysis of selected short stories, this research examines how Pakistani writers navigate the nicety of identity, belonging, and the collective consciousness of a nation. By examining the works of prominent authors, this research aims to shed light on the various perspectives and interpretations of what it means to be Pakistani. Themes such as cultural heritage, religious diversity, political struggles, and individual identity are examined to understand their roles in shaping the narrative of a national identity. In conclusion, this research contributes to the broader discourse on national identity. By analyzing Urdu short stories, the study offers a glimpse into the diverse perspectives that contribute to the ongoing conversation about what it means to be Pakistani in a rapidly changing world.


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Dr. Zeenat Afshan. (2023). Pakistani Urdu Short Story and Search for National Identity: پاکستانی اردو افسانہ اور قومی تشخص و شناخت کی تلاش. DARYAFT, 15(02), 51–56.